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The Deal: Bus Trip to DC for May 6 Phillies vs. Nationals Game with The School Philly

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Deal Overview

Join us for our fifth trip since 2010 to DC as we take over Nationals Park on Sunday, May 6, for the 8 p.m. NATIONAL TELEVISION GAME on ESPN.

Join Phans of Philly, the city's number one road trip experience, and Crossing Broad readers as we venture to D.C. Your ticket includes one ticket to the game (lower-level, right field) bus transportation to and from Philadelphia area to Washington DC, tailgate buffet, beverages (21+ to drink alcohol) and t-shirt.

Tailgate buffet includes:
-Shredded Beef BBQ
-Shredded Pork BBQ
-Cheeseburger & Hamburgers
-Mac & Cheese
-Potato Salad
-Corn on the cob
-Fresh bakery rolls
-Fresh Fruit
-Potato Chips

There will be additional refreshments and snacks served on the bus and a DJ serving up music at the tailgate

Buses are deluxe motorcoach with lavatories. Check-in for boarding will be at 2 p.m. in multiple locations, depending on response. We will communicate with you through email the exact location of boarding - most likely the South Philadelphia stadium area and Delaware County - as the trip nears. Buses will depart at 2:30 and return from DC no later than 30 minutes after the game. Upon completion of purchase, you will be given a ticket (voucher), please print and bring with you on May 6-- this is your ticket to get on the bus.

Fine Print

Expires 04/01/2013. The trip is run by LLC. Philly Fan Deals, Crossing Broad and The School Philly are promotional partners. This trip is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by the Phillies, Nationals or Major League Baseball.

The Venue

Opposing cities and fans do not get the chance to witness Philadelphia fans to the full effect. Phans of Philly allows for them to witness everything that comes with being a Philadelphia fan, but on the road in the opposing teams arena and stadium. We do this by bringing together large groups of people, and taking the road to sport our Philadelphia sports colors and cheer our teams. There is no better picture then seeing groups of Philadelphia fans taking over another city.

It all started with an idea of bringing together some friends and family to see the Phillies on opening day in Washington D.C. in 2010. This turned into several ideas and trips that have brought many different people together to enjoy themselves, and make great friends in the process. Phans of Philly is happy to announce that the invasions of other cities won't stop anytime soon. So lets keep showing other cities that Philadelphia fans are the best in sports, and join us on our next road trip!


Phans of Philly

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